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September 10th, 2008, 05:54 AM
I'm running amanda server on solaris express developers edition (sxde, You can assume solaris 10) and configured it as described here: http://wiki.zmanda.com/index.php/Test_environment_with_virtual_tapes
But added 2 hosts to configuration (localhost - server machine and another one). I Had some problems with bsdtcp auth, but resolved it - I don't have "selfcheck request failed: timeout waiting for ACK" error, instead I have one I can't get over it; "selfcheck request failed: EOF on read from myhost.mydomain", where "myhost.mydomain" is the server machine amanda is running on, there's no problem with the other machine... Here are my logs:


1221051116.942200: amandad: pid 21371 ruid 5555 euid 5555: start at Wed Sep 10 14:51:56 2008
1221051116.942905: amandad: security_getdriver(name=bsdtcp) returns fef42680
1221051116.942948: amandad: version 2.6.0p2
1221051116.942959: amandad: build: VERSION="Amanda-2.6.0p2"
1221051116.942967: amandad: BUILT_DATE="Mon Sep 8 11:10:15 MEST 2008"
1221051116.942975: amandad: BUILT_MACH="i386-pc-solaris2.11" BUILT_REV="1267"
1221051116.942982: amandad: BUILT_BRANCH="amanda-260" CC="/usr/sfw/bin/gcc"
1221051116.942989: amandad: paths: bindir="/usr/local/bin" sbindir="/usr/local/sbin"
1221051116.942997: amandad: libexecdir="/usr/local/libexec"
1221051116.943005: amandad: amlibexecdir="/usr/local/libexec/amanda"
1221051116.943013: amandad: mandir="/usr/local/share/man" AMANDA_TMPDIR="/tmp/amanda"
1221051116.943020: amandad: AMANDA_DBGDIR="/tmp/amanda"
1221051116.943027: amandad: CONFIG_DIR="/usr/local/etc/amanda" DEV_PREFIX="/dev/dsk/"
1221051116.943035: amandad: RDEV_PREFIX="/dev/rdsk/" DUMP="/usr/sbin/ufsdump"
1221051116.943043: amandad: RESTORE="/usr/sbin/ufsrestore" VDUMP=UNDEF VRESTORE=UNDEF
1221051116.943057: amandad: SAMBA_CLIENT="/opt/csw/bin/smbclient"
1221051116.943065: amandad: GNUTAR="/usr/bin/gtar" COMPRESS_PATH="/usr/bin/gzip"
1221051116.943073: amandad: UNCOMPRESS_PATH="/usr/bin/gzip" LPRCMD="/usr/bin/lpr"
1221051116.943080: amandad: MAILER="/usr/bin/mailx"
1221051116.943088: amandad: listed_incr_dir="/usr/local/var/amanda/gnutar-lists"
1221051116.943096: amandad: defs: DEFAULT_SERVER="dell.lodz" DEFAULT_CONFIG="DailySet1"
1221051116.943103: amandad: DEFAULT_TAPE_SERVER="dell.lodz" DEFAULT_TAPE_DEVICE=""
1221051116.943127: amandad: CLIENT_LOGIN="amanda" CHECK_USERID HAVE_GZIP
1221051116.943134: amandad: COMPRESS_SUFFIX=".gz" COMPRESS_FAST_OPT="--fast"
1221051116.943142: amandad: COMPRESS_BEST_OPT="--best" UNCOMPRESS_OPT="-dc"
1221051116.950477: amandad: doesn't resolve to itself, it resolves to ::ffff:
1221051116.950518: amandad: pid 21371 finish time Wed Sep 10 14:51:56 2008


1221037953.185267: amcheck: pid 18403 ruid 5555 euid 5555: start at Wed Sep 10 11:12:33 2008
1221037953.186103: amcheck: pid 18403 ruid 5555 euid 5555: rename at Wed Sep 10 11:12:33 2008
1221037953.190360: amcheck-clients: security_getdriver(name=bsdtcp) returns fef02680
1221037953.190436: amcheck-clients: security_handleinit(handle=80764f0, driver=fef02680 (BSDTCP))
1221037953.192107: amcheck-clients: security_streaminit(stream=8079008, driver=fef02680 (BSDTCP))
1221037953.192561: amcheck-clients: connect_port: Skip port 512: owned by exec.
1221037953.192647: amcheck-clients: connect_port: Skip port 513: owned by login.
1221037953.192718: amcheck-clients: connect_port: Skip port 514: owned by shell.
1221037953.192789: amcheck-clients: connect_port: Skip port 515: owned by printer.
1221037953.193115: amcheck-clients: connect_port: Try port 516: available - Success
1221037953.193353: amcheck-clients: connected to
1221037953.193364: amcheck-clients: our side is
1221037953.193386: amcheck-clients: try_socksize: send buffer size is 65536
1221037953.193420: amcheck-clients: try_socksize: receive buffer size is 65536
1221037953.193636: amcheck-clients: security_getdriver(name=bsdtcp) returns fef02680
1221037953.193650: amcheck-clients: security_handleinit(handle=8077888, driver=fef02680 (BSDTCP))
1221037953.193774: amcheck-clients: security_streaminit(stream=8081048, driver=fef02680 (BSDTCP))
1221037953.194081: amcheck-clients: connect_port: Try port 516: available - Success
1221037953.194292: amcheck-clients: connected to
1221037953.194302: amcheck-clients: our side is
1221037953.194322: amcheck-clients: try_socksize: send buffer size is 65536
1221037953.194340: amcheck-clients: try_socksize: receive buffer size is 65536
1221037953.342722: amcheck-server: changer_query: changer return was 5 1
1221037953.342790: amcheck-server: changer_query: searchable = 0
1221037953.342799: amcheck-server: changer_find: looking for NULL changer is searchable = 0
1221037953.476170: amcheck-server: device_read_label; mode = 0
1221037953.476413: amcheck-server: changer_label: TEST-3 for slot 3
1221037953.603134: amcheck-server: changer_query: changer return was 5 1
1221037953.603189: amcheck-server: changer_query: searchable = 0
1221037953.603716: amcheck-server: device_read_label; mode = 0
1221037958.279100: amcheck-clients: security_getdriver(name=bsdtcp) returns fef02680
1221037958.279127: amcheck-clients: security_handleinit(handle=8078528, driver=fef02680 (BSDTCP))
1221037958.279312: amcheck-clients: security_streaminit(stream=8089088, driver=fef02680 (BSDTCP))
1221037958.279336: amcheck-clients: security_close(handle=8077888, driver=fef02680 (BSDTCP))
1221037958.279347: amcheck-clients: security_stream_close(8081048)
1221037958.330127: amcheck-clients: security_close(handle=8078528, driver=fef02680 (BSDTCP))
1221037958.330137: amcheck-clients: security_stream_close(8089088)
1221037983.359851: amcheck-clients: security_seterror(handle=80764f0, driver=fef02680 (BSDTCP) error=timeout waiting for ACK)
1221037983.359885: amcheck-clients: security_close(handle=80764f0, driver=fef02680 (BSDTCP))
1221037983.359894: amcheck-clients: security_stream_close(8079008)
1221037983.363490: amcheck: pid 18403 finish time Wed Sep 10 11:13:03 2008

and here are my config files:
servers' amanda.conf:

org "my-company"
mailto "myemail@my-company.com"
dumpcycle 7
runspercycle 5
tapecycle 5
dumpuser "amanda"
tpchanger "chg-disk" # a virtual tape changer
tapedev "file:/space/vtapes/test/slots"
changerfile "/var/lib/amanda/test/changerfile"
labelstr "TEST-.*"
#label_new_tapes "TEST-%%"
logdir "/var/lib/amanda/test"
infofile "/var/lib/amanda/test/curinfo"
indexdir "/var/lib/amanda/test/index"
tapelist "/var/lib/amanda/test/tapelist"

holdingdisk hd1 {
directory "/space/amandahold/test"

define dumptype comp-tar {
program "GNUTAR"
compress fast
index yes
record no # Important! avoid interfering with production runs
auth "bsdtcp"

define tapetype DVD_SIZED_DISK {
filemark 4 KB
length 4482 MB

disklist file:

server.my-company.com / {
auth "bsdtcp"

other-host.my-company.com / {
auth "bsdtcp"

netstat shows what it should, and I think I got over auth problems (maybe not?) any ideas?

regards, Michal

September 10th, 2008, 11:26 AM
This could be a problem with multi-homed systems, is server or client a multi homed one? do you have any virtual interfaces plumbed on the server/client Ethernet port? In the past isolating Ethernet ports helped in resolving this kind of issues on multi homed systems.

Hope amanda services is up and running on both server and client
-bash-3.00# svcs -a|grep -i amanda
online Jul_30 svc:/network/amanda/tcp:default

September 10th, 2008, 10:40 PM
server and client running one the same machine, and there are 4 other virtualized systems, running on xen.... two ethernet interfaces are shared between them. maybe i should isolate one only for virtualized systems and use second one for amanda only? any hints?


September 15th, 2008, 10:13 AM
That is a good idea. Since Xen gives you an essentially "free" way of creating virtual ethernet adapters, I would dedicate one for backups, and have all your backup operations use it exclusively.

With proper subnetting/hostnames (e.g. "<hostname>-backup.subnet.com) then Amanda should have no problems figuring things out.

September 24th, 2008, 11:59 PM
It works now, I did what I said :) amanda is using separate network interface and there's no problem with it now. thanks.

regards, Michał