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  1. Purpose of suggestions box
  2. Disabling debugging in Amanda
  3. configuration file or command line option for GNUTAR binary location
  4. clean up log/log file on aborted amrecover
  5. Zmanda.com RSS feed - ood
  6. Search shortcuts for forums
  7. Easily use two drives in a tape library
  8. Misc items
  9. Zmanda on EC2
  10. Enhancement: amrecover understanding pkzip (unzip)
  11. Hide the amandabackup user on install creation
  12. Enhancement: allow "includefile" functionality within the disklist
  13. Update Solaris Amanda package for OpenCSW
  14. First time installer feedback
  15. Limit disk read speed on a per-client basis
  16. Amanda needs nice and ionice config options desperately
  17. some file info stored in the index files
  18. Fix amcheck typo
  19. SSH authenticated hostname strengthening
  20. About Amanda Enterprise issue
  21. Implement separate encryption keys on a per-host basis
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  24. SSD Data Recovery Repair Services - TTRDATA
  25. New website for file conversion
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