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  1. Driver-Taper protocol
  2. Ftape support
  3. Application API Proposal
  4. Using DVD+RW/+R as dump medium
  5. Strange problems with virtual tapes
  6. [OT] amanda buggiest open source program (according to Coverity)
  7. Improving community participation in Amanda release process
  8. Status Summary for May 2007
  9. Status Summary for June 2007
  10. Status Summary for July, 2007
  11. Source code that actually opens file to get fd
  12. See you at LISA'07?
  13. Perlish tarballs available
  14. 2.6.1p1 not accepting tapes from previous 2.6.0.p2
  15. lto4 hardware encryption
  16. multivolume?
  17. Returning PROPERTY values in Script-API plugin
  18. Custom taper / Java
  19. Adding Plugin for SQLite to amanda
  20. Job Cancellation feature?
  21. Restore email report feature?
  22. Amanda community edition GUI
  23. graphique Interface amanda
  24. Add Handling of 307 Redirects in S3
  25. Ephemeral Source Ports
  26. Amanda API Invoke via JAVA Application
  27. Whta is the methodology to calculate DAT drive legnth in Linux
  28. HTML output module for amreport
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