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  1. Amanda 3.3.4, failed: error sending REQ: error sending REQ: en pipe
  2. Issue with ndml_conn.c on Mavericks
  3. Is workgroup mandatory while configuring a Windows PC for backup client.
  4. header is too small: 8192 bytes
  5. Disable Zmanda Network Authentication
  6. A TAPE ERROR OCCURRED: [No acceptable volumes found]
  7. Unable to do amrecover locally. Getting the message: "NAK: amindexd: invalid service"
  8. Failed to execute amdump_client.
  9. Connection Reset by peer
  10. 500 No dumps available on or before date while doing amrecover.
  11. amanda backup on Oracle Enterprise Linux
  12. Connection Tracking tool for Amanda.
  13. Amanda 3.3.5-checking for GLIB - version >= 2.2.0... no
  14. Error writing tapestart header
  15. Solaris 11 - thd-806bec0: amandad: ľauth=bsdtcp: invalid service
  16. Reading in tapes with "illegal" blocksize
  17. Best practices for using multiple backup sets with different dumpcycles and runsperc
  18. out of holding space in degraded mode Zmanda 3.3.5
  19. Amrecover is not restoring directories recursively
  20. Amanda-3.3.6 Released
  21. HELP! return error code 318
  22. /usr/libexec/amanda/runtar exited with status 1 or 2
  23. Is Amanda the right solution for me?
  24. excluding files above a certain size
  25. Got no header and data from server. TypeError in method 'C_from_string'
  26. Parallel Dumping and Writing on tape same dle
  27. Amanda Backup setup with tape spanning taking too much of memory
  28. Reusing tapes from another backup application
  29. amrecover times out trying to lock the "changer" file
  30. Request for Info - Detailed description of how to restore split backup without Amanda
  31. amcheck produces warnings, amdump runs with no errors
  32. GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: file gvaluetypes.c: line 1095: assertion `G_VALUE_HOLDS_STR
  33. difference between application amgtar and program GNUTAR
  34. howto regenerate/restore index from tape?
  35. cdrom changer
  36. Parallel Writes to tape in 3.3.6 ?
  37. Amanda S3 Cloud Backup Problem
  38. amdump_client calls amdump with --no-taper option
  39. Following 15 min White Paper Tutorial... amaddclient: command not found
  40. Are parallel backup streams possible from a client?
  41. Fast Incremental Backups?
  42. Partial level 0 dumps possible?
  43. Successful installations?
  44. Partial backups and amrecover indexes
  45. amcheck passes but amdump uses wrong directory
  46. File not found
  47. Newbie question: What happens when my nfs storage goes offline?
  48. Allow Amanda (GNUTAR) to follow symlinks
  49. Timeout, server virthost1 not responding.
  50. Issues with SSH auth, custom port and NAT network
  51. Amanda integration with Openstack Swift
  52. Missing perl(JSON) and perl(XML::Simple) when installing 3.3.7-1 on rhel 6.5 64
  53. Backup files every 60 minutes
  54. Amanda-3.3.7 Released
  55. Span dumps across multiple volumes
  56. undefined symbol: struct_file_lock_lock When using amlabel 3.3.7
  57. Amanda Client on Fedora 21
  58. support for RDX disks
  59. amrecover from Windows machines on Linux
  60. Amanda + Samba: Does it work with Win 8, Win 8.1; Win 10?
  61. Tape not labeled (RHEL6)
  62. Port XXX not secure
  63. API change directory to estimate
  64. Problems installing Amanda 3.3.7 on Fedora 14
  65. Specifying the Directory to save the backed up file?
  66. 12 monthly full backups (only) per year
  67. What is stalling parallel backups of the same filesystem?
  68. Some problems and an annoyance.
  69. amdump failing with error code 5
  70. Problem with amlabel
  71. Upgrading from 2.5.0p2 to 3.3.7
  72. Newbe question about tape use
  73. amrecover, samba
  74. amrecover: Error locking '/etc/amanda/monetra/changer'
  75. is not allowed to execute the service noop
  76. Problem when running amcheck ?
  77. 501 Could not read config file for DailySet1!
  78. bug: selfcheck request failed: recv error: Connection reset by peer
  79. Changing from TCP to UDP
  80. SSH configuration...no home dir?
  81. Some disklists entries are not been backuped. What I'm doing wrong?
  82. How to configure one single tape drive for more than 1 tape?
  83. Amrecover won't connect: request failed: timeout waiting for ACK
  84. ORIG-KB - "MISSING" error
  85. Backup only .git dirs inside other dirs
  86. taper segfault error 7 in ld-2.20.so
  87. amzfs-sendrecv restore how ?
  88. amdump --exact-match not working
  89. Amanda & SElinux
  90. backing up to rotating hard-drives
  91. Faster than gnutar?
  92. "FATAL infofile update failed (localhost,'/etc'): File exists" error
  93. kernel: taper[7937]: segfault at 8 ip 00007ffe9acfa8bc sp 00007f36735d26f0 error 4
  94. amrecover fails with can't talko to tape server: service amidxtaped
  95. Backing up a host as a guest
  96. Tape Capacity Not Used
  97. amgpgcrypt broke during migration to new server
  98. Help with Large Disk Volumes, Barcode Reader and Incremental Dumps on NFS
  99. gnutar-lists snapshot size
  100. xinetd empty?
  101. Cannot backup client witout DNS
  102. bug: amanda-client: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED causes SMB backup to fail completely
  103. Grab update from ssh
  104. Quick Backup Setup Updated?
  105. amrecover returns "Specified file list does not match dumpspec" for all dumps
  106. Amanda 3.3.8 Released
  107. Using old virtual tapes on new amanda configuration
  108. Symbolic Links as Vtapes
  109. FreeBSD needs some love in Amanda's configure script
  110. Amanda 3.3.9 Released
  111. No acceptable volumes found - can't do degraded dump without holding disk
  112. Can't get realpath of the security file '/etc/amanda-security.conf'
  113. installing amanda client on Red Hat 7
  114. Character Encoding
  115. ampgsql DailySet1 error ampgsql: command not found
  116. Installing and Configuration Amanda Backup Server 3.3.9
  117. amstatus displays MB figures to 10 decimal places
  118. amrecover send mail
  119. Backup Postgresql only Desire Database
  120. Simultaneous amrecover and amdump while using vtapes?
  121. Noob Question: Can Amanda backup to NAS via SFTP/NFS?
  122. Tape selection process - can Amanda use its own tape label index?
  123. Missing /etc/amanda-security.conf into amanda client DEB package
  124. amrecover from amvault
  125. amanda email delivery from: issue
  126. amcheckdump fails with "filter stderr: gzip: stdout: Broken pipe" on good backups
  127. Failure with amvault between two virtual tape systems on the same filesystem
  128. amrecover restores dumps at slow speed (17Mbs)
  129. amlabel, amflush & amcheckdump work fine, but nothing is witten to tape during amdump
  130. Abrupt Backup Failure on Very Large Filesystem
  131. Amrecover inserts weird "driveX" into path fails to find backup folder
  132. Running bash script before and after backup job
  133. Is there a way to throttle amanda backups?
  134. amrestore fail
  135. Erase or relabel tapes?
  136. Amanda 3.3.9 ZFS on Linux incremental backup problem
  137. Backup is slow, could be an issue with amanda.conf
  138. No LPR command defined (3.3.9-1Debian81amd64.deb)
  139. Volume not found
  140. Difference between "unknown state barcode" and "unknown barcode" in amtape inventory
  141. 3.3.9 builds for SLES 12 are horribly broken
  142. FATAL taper value for 'port' is undefined
  143. Test of amanda on virtual machines with virtualbox
  144. Unable To restore from amanda
  145. Cannot use multiple tapes: taperflush criteria not met
  146. Restore an entire system?
  147. Cannot write to tape drive, weird ERROR planner Request to errors in log
  148. how to recover from tape, if the server is dead
  149. Multiple amvault to the same lto tape
  150. How to backup Amanda meta data
  151. Slow Backups...
  152. localhost backups intermittently failing, localhost NAK: timeout on reply pipe
  153. Backup to Disk
  154. Deleted from curinfo database.
  155. Is amanda-client being phased out?
  156. Downsizing a backup
  157. I have too much data to backup in my backup window
  158. amdump hostname finished so quickly (unavailable)
  159. Amanda installation
  160. ssh failed amanda centos 6.4