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  1. Suggested topics for Installation @ Administration of Amanda forum
  2. Introducing the Amanda Wiki
  3. Backup of client in DMZ (Amanda backup with tunneling)
  4. backing up 1.4 TB to autoloader
  5. Illegal blocksize and Broken Pipe
  6. Multiple VMWare on one tape
  7. planner connection to client failed
  8. Installation of Amanda on SuSE pro 10
  9. Encryption Errors:Broken Pipe v2.5
  10. Client side encryption dumptype.
  11. How to run amanda ?
  12. using amrestore and tar to restore a single file
  13. Problems in restoring from tape
  14. Dump levels
  15. Using amanda with an Overland LoaderXpress tapechanger
  16. Upgrade to 2.5.0
  17. amtapetype results
  18. Tar1.15 + amanda2.2.4?
  19. Amanda requesting same tape
  20. Amanda 2.5.1b1 on AIX 5.3 Segmentation fault
  21. writing label: Read-only file system ???
  22. amanda error timeout waiting for ACK
  23. amrmtape Segmentation Fault
  24. Hardware Compression Confusion
  25. amcheck failure on Tape Server, local client.
  26. Clueless noob needs some help
  27. xinetd fail to start amindexd on eth0 but works on localhost
  28. What about IOMEGA REV35GB ?
  29. Error with amrecover restore.
  30. Some DLEs fail to complete writing to tape
  31. Rob
  32. Syntax of changer-status file
  33. strange error
  34. Backup XP system to Linux via internet
  35. conflicting tape labels
  36. Error: No index records for disk for specified date
  37. Nothing backed up - planner error
  38. View what has been backed up
  39. New To Amanda with errors
  40. amcheck error( Amanda 2.5.0p2)
  41. Tapelist issue?
  42. Amanda Reset
  43. Recover, restore, ammt, amdd and general adm
  44. selfcheck request failed: timeout waiting for ACK
  45. The newbie issue: selfcheck request timed out
  46. Problem with amrecover (timeout waiting for ACK)
  47. Amanda and tar/gtar
  48. Distributed Backup / infiniBand / failover
  49. ACK! Timeout waiting for ACK madness
  50. Same Problem : timeout waiting for ACK
  51. Incorrect name while restoring
  52. hardware compression..
  53. configure: error on AIX5.3L. Help please.
  54. Simple Restore Documentation?
  55. Amada Backup on Hard and on DVD
  56. Just wanna get the very 1st tape backup done.
  57. Yahoo got a backup done. Now gotta test it
  58. How to Erase a Tape?
  59. Multiple configurations sharing info/index/vtapes - ok or bad idea?
  60. amrestore - HELP!
  61. amrecover: Can't read file header
  62. chg_disk with multiple removable disks
  63. Network backup
  64. selfcheck request failed: recv error: Connection reset by peer
  65. Not getting estimates
  66. Amanda problem plz help
  67. Amanda Web Interface
  68. amrecover issues
  69. Rolling Backups
  70. ZMC restore problem
  71. Newbie trying to get configured
  72. amlabel trouble ... ???
  73. Share to big to fit on a tape, but it should fit ...
  74. : selfcheck request failed: tcpm_recv_token: invalid size
  75. Warning: no log files found for tape...
  76. Solaris as server
  77. linux raw partition
  78. Still more newbie stuff
  79. backup to vdisk and tape simultaneously
  80. Check integrity of tapes
  81. Lots and lots of cruft "skipped" - Is my backup usable?
  82. Verifying AMANDA backups
  83. amcheck timeout due to power management
  84. Mbps - BYTES or BITS in amanda.conf file directives?
  85. Idiot guide to installing AMANDA?
  86. Maximizing the width of AMANDA's e-mail reports
  87. help guys! 501 Could not read config file /etc/amanda/-auth=bsd/amanda.conf!
  88. error when labeling tapes
  89. cifs mount configuration
  90. amlabel problem chk-disk need rwx acces..
  91. amtapetype blows up on x86_64
  92. Tape Problems
  93. Verify Client: Failure, need help
  94. compare pass of backedup data?
  95. AMRecover + Timeout Waiting for ACK
  96. Max_volume_usage
  97. Unable to access server directory under /var/log/amanda
  98. Defined new disk "Permission denied"
  99. Amanda 2.4.4p3 - locking down client ports
  100. backup performance - split_diskbuffer bottleneck
  101. Suddenly estimates time out and stranded on waitq
  102. clients fail with "Transport already connected" to 2.5.2p1 server
  103. How to Install amanda on a server and backup itself uisng tape
  104. server /usr/local lev 0 FAILED
  105. Backing up to tape question..
  106. diskdrive instead of tape-dump error
  107. Selfcheck request failed
  108. Basic question - Different clients for enterprise version?
  109. dumps way too big
  110. Tandberg TS400 storageloader 1U
  111. Missed Backups: Now Amanda is always looking for a new tape
  112. Permission denied issue
  113. Cancelling old jobs
  114. Fullbackups not working (with dumpcycle 0)
  115. Recovery problem in "The 15-Minute Backup Solution"
  116. Throttle on tapetype
  117. amcheck: selfcheck request failed: timeout waiting for ACK
  118. Non-network tape backup of the backup server?
  119. CSV report format for backups
  120. hard link support?
  121. ZFS Support?
  122. Embarrasingly basic question
  123. using amrecover cannot perform fsf
  124. newbie setup question - amtapetype
  125. New here and have a few questions
  126. Planner Empty Schedule
  127. Amanda needs fine tunning for vtapes
  128. Ubuntu 8.04 LTS client install
  129. Exclude for CIFS
  130. Unmounted Device Trouble
  131. Solaris 10 Install Question
  132. amrecover connects to localhost, not server
  133. Initiate a manual backup
  134. vtape sizes
  135. Mobile User Backup - Laptops
  136. Is Amanda/Zmanda Enterprise the Right Tool?
  137. amrecover: can't connect stream
  138. configure an AMANDA backup client
  139. amanda switches to a new tape every run of amdump ?!
  140. Amrecover takes FOREVER!
  141. Backup to Disk and to Tape
  142. How to find installed version
  143. New user + amservice question
  144. curinfo and index dir
  145. Questions regarding functions in Amanda.
  146. Installing on hp-ux server getting aclocal: not found
  147. Can Zmanda write to SAN shared Tape Drives?
  148. Investigate the status of a backup Job
  149. planner: could not lock log file
  150. cannot find /home/sunil/
  151. GUI for Community Version
  152. RAIT array DEGRADED
  153. FAIL dumper [port open: Resource temporarily unavailable]
  154. Install Amanda Enterprise on open SuSE 11?
  155. Installation Issues with Redhat x64 bit
  156. Amanda Restore the data to the backup server
  157. Why strange and failure dumps
  158. Error: amdump must be run as root
  159. amrecover problem
  160. Media Options CD / DVD
  161. Symmetric data Encryption
  162. Strange Incremental
  163. Client writes out all files after reboot
  164. What's wrong with my config??
  165. I feel dumb
  166. Exclude
  167. strange error: «chunker: FATAL error [chunker PORT-WRITE: too many args: 15 !»
  168. Errors
  169. Hard Disk Backup
  170. Not an amanda tape
  171. Trouble building 2.6.0p2 rpm from src
  172. dhcp clients
  173. help with centos5.2 server and windows clients
  174. Please help!! "amrecover: Can't read file header"
  175. Backup to Disk
  176. Broken Pipe
  177. amanda and VIPs
  178. Disklists and holding disk preference
  179. holding disk
  180. About compression...
  181. howto: multiple config or disklist in 1 backup
  182. amtape reset
  183. amanda dump error
  184. amrecover
  185. execute-on failure option?
  186. amanda client won't install
  187. user administration in amanda and ZRm mysql
  188. Pre/Post script in Amanda 2.5.1 - is it posible?
  189. how to document for amanda with ssh security
  190. amcheck failure - opensuse 11.0
  191. Zamanda community and autoloaders
  192. amrecover problem
  193. amanda error
  194. Centos server with getnoo client
  195. error with amlabel
  196. Is Amanda right for me?
  197. Help With configuration
  198. Need advice on backup archiving
  199. Could you please describe about an installation of AMANDA?
  200. amdump error
  201. How to tell how many days of backups we are keeping?
  202. selfcheck request failed: timeout waiting for REP
  203. Remote backup - best options
  204. WARNING: Not enough free space specified in amanda.conf
  205. Maximum Backup File Size?
  206. amflush dumps ALL tape_splits over and over
  207. I don't understand that at least one full backup
  208. A TAPE ERROR OCCURRED: [No more writable valid tape found]
  209. How to enlarge the Columns of the Dump Summary Mail?
  210. multiple media servers
  211. Changing amanda user using packaged version
  212. runspercycle in amanda report
  213. Tapes list
  214. new tape not found in rack
  215. Need Help.......
  216. How to configure backup report for microsoft exchange on zmanda
  217. Is Amanda Suitable For My Needs?
  218. Labeling Problem
  219. Zmanda backup
  220. specifying with-user and with-group
  221. Retreiving Amanda data w/otu Amanda
  222. estimate of level 1 failed.
  223. Backup report problems
  224. help with backup to harddrive
  225. syntax error (bad size)
  226. amcheck is showing something wierd
  227. Amanda Backup of Windows Client using Samba
  228. data in vtapes should be visible
  229. What version should I download ?
  230. Is a Dedicated Backup Server Required?
  231. Enabling Encryption in Amanda 2.4.5p1
  232. amanda client problem
  233. Unable to Start Over from slot1!
  234. amandad doesn't listen for connections
  235. Where is the server installation file for Windows 32bit?
  236. problem with GNUTAR (?)
  237. Slot empty - virtual tapes not reconized
  238. Client Software for Sun Solaris V9 SPARC
  239. Do ZFS backups cross filesystem boundaries?
  240. Man pages empty in Solaris 10
  241. Tape spanning fails with dump larger than available tape space
  242. Improving Gtar performance
  243. Indexing big filesystems
  244. Amrecover problem
  245. What are incremental backups based on?
  246. AMRECOVER Version 2.5.2p1 [request failed: Connection refused]
  247. Host removal best practices
  248. selfcheck request failed: recv error: Connection reset by peer
  249. selfcheck request failed: Connection refused
  250. Amanda file system snapshot?