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  1. Beta release of Zmanda Windows Client (Community Edition)
  2. Zmanda Windows client 2.6.0 released
  3. Unauthenticated user
  4. amcheck error: Server validation Failed. Please register server with client.
  5. ZWC incompatable with FreeBSD?
  6. Doubt about Samba-Amanda backup on Windows !
  7. RHEL server, Windows client issue
  8. ZWC total crash
  9. Also: Server validation Failed. Please register server with client.
  10. Source Code for Windows Client
  11. Server validation prob
  12. Problem: Dump of Windows-client slow
  13. Question: ZWC and index
  14. Windows Client with Amrecover problem
  15. ZWC 2.6.0p2 exclude list problem
  16. Windows client and server side encryption
  17. connection reset by peer W2K03
  18. Large backup images
  19. Backup/Restore System State
  20. Restore Windows Client (one file/subfolder)
  21. Client database size
  22. Backup to S3?
  23. Can't authenticate to windows client running vista 64
  24. Problem with ZWC on a Windows XP client
  25. authentication error in Vista 32 bit client/
  26. Problem starting ZWC on WinXP
  27. amaddclient is running slow & amcheck failed
  28. ZWC - re-install issue
  29. planner: disk client-host:"C:/", estimate of level 2 failed.
  30. Capitalization Problem w/ ZWC Zip Files
  31. amcheck error needs 64KB, only has 0KB
  32. Windows timeout waiting for ACK
  33. May I backup mysql databases and tables in Windows Server?
  34. Windows Client backup user
  35. Easier way to restore to XP clients
  36. exclude append not used in ZWC estimate phase?
  37. Intermittent windows client failures
  38. Problems unzipping files for Windows restore.
  39. Windows client + ACLs
  40. Server validation Failed error
  41. ZWC and AVG 8.5
  42. ZWCservice Doesnt Start!!!!
  43. Restoring Windows ACLs
  44. amandabackup vs amanda username
  45. Faulting application ZWCService.exe
  46. Pre Backup Script Not Running
  47. Strange DUMP Sumary
  48. Can't extract files from backup image
  49. Windows Server 2003 installation problem
  50. Windows Server 2008 "Server Validation Failed. Please register server with client."
  51. Windows client configuration options
  52. Recovery failed!
  53. System state
  54. Win2K Server support
  55. exchange 2007 granular backup support?
  56. How to run pre and post backupscritps
  57. Could not start Service "ZWCService" on Windows Vista
  58. Backup & Restore User on Server 2008
  59. Window Client Backup Fails - return error code 260
  60. "? Failed to backup" from windows client
  61. badly formatted response from windows client
  62. Exclude syntax for ZWC dumptype
  63. ZWC Service fails on Windows Vista
  64. Zmanda license
  65. How to resotre windows client data from server
  66. Amrestore
  67. windows client data restore
  68. Amanda windows client 2.6.1 beta release
  69. Amanda Windows Client 2.6.1 released
  70. ZWC at non-US Windows
  71. Installation fails on Windows 7 Home Premium
  72. Backup levels and restores
  73. Unzip software for ZWC Compressed archives?
  74. [Installation::CreateMySQLUser]:Connection to MySQL probably failed
  75. windows disklist with include/exclude
  76. Windows client crashes - Windows 2008
  77. Errors for some files restore on windows client
  78. Memory leak issue?
  79. ZWC drops connection
  80. Problem with national code page in file name
  81. ZWC 2.6.1 exclude syntax ignored
  82. Windows client problem
  83. Frequent failures on a windows client
  84. ZWC community client differential backups copy whole disk
  85. Windows 2003 client fails
  86. Problem ZMClient on W2k8
  87. Remote backup
  88. Windows Server 2003 SE - ZWC Community - Does Not Recover
  89. Newbie Ask: Peer to Peer file backup? more...
  90. 2 Problems with zmanda client on hive
  91. Will ZWC-Community-3.1.beta client work with 2.6.1 server?
  92. ZWC fails with "unknown error"
  93. vss error with exchange
  94. Windows 32 bit client installation problems
  95. windows does not support GNUTAR.
  96. Access Denied for the Download
  97. Forced Level 1 Backups ?
  98. scp error
  99. High memory consumption
  100. Software that can read these backups
  101. Cannot install windows 32 bit client on Windows server 2008
  102. Problem with mn-stage-beta-1 crashing - zmanda windows client
  103. Problems with win-web6
  104. Missing result when running backup.
  105. amanda with windows client
  106. Server validation Failed. Please register server with client
  107. data read: recv error: Connection timed out and missing result
  108. Amanda Windows Client 3.1.3 released
  109. Can't dump in degraded mode
  110. amcheck fails on Windows Client
  111. client always doing fulls?
  112. cannot get Windows Client to work
  113. Any support for Polyserve? PSFS?
  114. Can't get Win2K3 to start dumping
  115. problem with zwc configure
  116. ZWC client unstable when log_level < 5
  117. Index creation failed
  118. The specified network name is no longer available.
  119. trouble with exclude
  120. "Unitialize Snapshot failed 0"
  121. Best tool for unzip backup
  122. Lost data during ZWC installation?
  123. MySql client database too big
  124. Problem running initial backup
  125. Unable to backup on windows 2008 R2 Ent Domain Controller
  126. ZWC 3.1.3 bandwidth limit 100 mbit/s
  127. Server Validation Failed Win 3.1.3 Client
  128. How to make an image from Windows
  129. Windows Client Source Code
  130. ZWC scripting and Pre/Post Snapshot scripts?
  131. Backup and Resore From Commandline
  132. Full and Incremental Backups
  133. Windows Client over IPv6
  134. Error 260, problem backing up open files/permissions issues
  135. ZWC scripting and Pre Script
  136. "Unknown error" on amcheck when trying to backup windows client from Ubuntu server
  137. Error during amcheck
  138. Zmanda Windows Client License
  139. Zwc_eng_err_snapshot_failed
  140. ZWC issue with Hebrew file names
  141. Zmanda Windows Client client side encryption causes client crash
  142. How to exclude files/folder from backup for Windows clients?
  143. Missing services restart feature in Windows Client
  144. Windows client backups - problems restoring them
  145. Windows incremental is a full backup
  146. New amanda server, 2/3 Windows clients failing to backup
  147. How do I find the exact version of the Zmanda Windows Client?
  148. [Bug] Reinstallation not possible
  149. Can Amanda restore a specific file or directory?
  150. Amanda installation error
  151. FAILED [return error code 235]
  152. zmanda 3.3.3 still leaving large snapshot files in the misc directory
  153. Windows client version numbering needs fixing
  154. ERROR: Unauthenticated user
  155. Is amfetchdump the same on the commercial version of Zmanda and ZWC?
  156. how to install amanda?
  157. Configuration between Amanda (Linux server) and Zmanda (Windows Client)
  158. ZWC 3.3.5 Bandwidth Limit 100 mbit/s
  159. Zmanda Windows Client can leave 100MB+ files in misc dir
  160. Strange Problem: Failures if one Windows system down
  161. Windows client not updated in over 2 years
  162. Windows 2008 R2 client fails amcheck
  163. Windows server 2012R2 support
  164. What windows versions are supported by Zmanda Windows Client (Community)?
  165. AMCheck Unauthenticated user
  166. Windows 7 Backups Failing
  167. Zmanda Windows Client
  168. Restoring level 0 dumps on Linux: file too large?
  169. Program set as DUMP , but PKZIP is required, how to fix ? How to extract ?
  170. Windows Client Community Edition is effectively dead
  171. Is Amanda any use for backing up Windows?
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