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  1. ZRM for MySQL 2.0 community edition released
  2. Solaris 10 installation problem
  3. Howto daily backup with incremental backup every X hours
  4. Scheduled Restore
  5. Problem in restore (after enabling compress)
  6. Installation error: Failed dependencies:
  7. report shows red, but no errors
  8. Restoring data when MYSQL is down
  9. Remote Backup in raw mode leaves replication off while copying
  10. Scheduler: Deleting in a backup-set specific manner
  11. mysql-zrm is not using ssh even when configured to do so
  12. Purging doesn't work
  13. Flush of logs failed
  14. Install zmanda not in "/usr/bin"
  15. Readonly accounts
  16. cannot do secure backups
  17. Parallel dump with zrm
  18. Help for a newbie
  19. Incremental from a replicated slave?
  20. Couple of minor bugs...
  21. error restoring first incremental backup after a full
  22. List transaction logs present in all backup sets
  23. zrm error: could not delete /var/lib/mysql-zrm/app01/20080918153401
  24. Easy way to restore all incremental backups since last full backup?
  25. Restoring a single record?
  26. Source RPM or spec file?
  27. community and enterprise version comparison
  28. Error Installing amanda-backup_server-2.6.0p2-1.rhel5.i386.rpm
  29. Issue with ssh-copy plugin
  30. Restore to Windows mysql?
  31. mysqlhotcopy "close of pipe failed" error with socket-copy.pl
  32. Can Zmanda backup running MYSQL ?
  33. Scheduler porblem
  34. remote backup fails on socket-copy of replication files only
  35. ZRM 2.1 beta release
  36. --show backup-performance-info output times incorrect?
  37. ZRM for MySQL 2.1 released
  38. copy-plugin exited with error 512 at the end of copying
  39. Understanding how ZRM for MySQL works...
  40. Purge date calculation
  41. Customized email reports
  42. Adding aditional mysqldump options to Zmanda
  43. ZRM for Windows - Community Edition?
  44. Lots of databases, how does it work?
  45. incremental backups showing backup size of 0.00MB
  46. Moving backups to a new server
  47. Using post-backup-plugin option in .conf
  48. "Could not delete" error after restoring incremental backup
  49. Restore failed with innoDB tables
  50. Put the local file path of the backup in the email?
  51. Ignoring a table when taking full and incremental backups
  52. Replicated backup restore to Master server
  53. need to download MySQL-zrm-socket-server to install remote mysql server.
  54. Backup Strategy
  55. backup all database, but restore to one..possible?
  56. lvm snapshots from xfs partition
  57. creating dump from xfs lvm snap
  58. backing up a real huge mysql db
  59. /usr/bin/mysql-zrm-scheduler doesn't work from OPENVZ Guest
  60. online remote mysql logical backup with backup level 1
  61. Remote Raw Backup Fails with ssh-copy Plugin
  62. Missing library on Zmanda windows client? microsoft.vc80.mfc
  63. Need quick help Restoring logical back-up
  64. lvm snapshot unmount fails
  65. PLEASE READ: Please upgrade to ZRM community release 2.1.1
  66. ZWC source code
  67. Mysql-ZRM Retention
  68. different retention periods for same backup set?
  69. LVM snapshot question
  70. Incremental errors due to format of "cp" command used
  71. Restoring a database backup to a database with*a different name
  72. Last binlog file & position from backup
  73. zmanda lvm backup fails with mysql located in "/mysql"
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  77. mysql-zrm don't working with incremental backup
  78. Innodb Snapshot partial backup-recovery
  79. Mysqldump options
  80. cannot open index file
  81. sh: mysqlbinlog: command not found,
  82. ZRM with RDS?
  83. DB Excluded in backup, but looked for in level 1 recovery
  84. abort-backup problem
  85. Copy-plugin errors on incremental and full backups
  86. Innodb tables causing raw LVM snapshot backups to switch to logical mysqldump backup
  87. Remote Backup
  88. Problem in restoring with InnoDB tables
  89. ZRM remote backup to MySQL Slave server
  90. Restoring to an alternate server
  91. Does Zmanda support backup Event Scheduler?
  92. install mysql-zrm in /home/<user> ?
  93. Including a binary log with a full backup?
  94. Compress and Email Backup Folder
  95. Incremental restore failed with mysql error unknown error '\0' for blob data
  96. incremental backup fails via cronjob but works manually