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  1. Version 1.0 of ZRM for MySQL is released
  2. ZRM MySQL 1.0.1 released
  3. ZRM for MySQL version 1.0.2 released!!!
  4. ZRM for MySQL 1.0.3 released
  5. MySQL Cluster Backup
  6. multiple backup sets
  7. problem with incremental backups
  8. Version 1.1 of ZRM for MySQL released
  9. MySQL ZRM questions
  10. How-to: Setup MySQL Backup in 15 minutes using ZRM for MySQL
  11. Restore Issues and mysql-zrm-reporter
  12. Error during mysql-zrm v1.1 configuration check
  13. Version 1.1.1 for ZRM for MySQL released
  14. Few questions regarding ZRM
  15. Problem in backing up multiple databases from different hosts
  16. Restore Issues v1.1.1-1
  17. Individual Table Backup
  18. differential Backup with ZRM?
  19. ZRM for Windows?
  20. Error when running mysql-zrm-scheduler
  21. ZRM for MySQL 1.1.2 released
  22. Error in zrm-reporter
  23. parsing encryted backup for restore
  24. mysqldump SSL issues
  25. Automatically remove binary logs
  26. Webinar - Configuring ZRM for MySQL for your environment
  27. Doing md5sums/compression from the LVM snapshot?
  28. Backup failure using LVM snapshots and compression
  29. Remote backup with socket-copy.pl fails
  30. socket-copy.pl & socket-server.pl failure
  31. pgsql-zrm
  32. ZRM for MySQL 1.1.3 released
  33. Backup of remote MySQL with ZRM over the Internet
  34. Feature Request - Wildcard Support in Databases list
  35. Bug in mysql-ZRM ?
  36. ZRM in distros?
  37. ZRM for MySQL users manual
  38. Clearing out a Table After Backup?
  39. post-backup.pl params
  40. Perl File::Temp error in mysql-zrm
  41. ZRM remote Backup Problems
  42. ZRM Restore Fails on ALTER/DROP command absence
  43. error: 'Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost'
  44. How big are the databases backed up by ZRM?
  45. Backup Error Message from mysqldump
  46. ZRM reports
  47. No backup file found under mysql-zrm Backup
  48. mysqlhotcopy vs mysqldump
  49. ownership problem if i restore the backup
  50. parse error & RAW backup mode?
  51. Error when making backup
  52. ZRM for MySQL 1.1.4 released
  53. ZRM Incremental+Full Backup
  54. purge should pick up destination
  55. Incremental Backups on Replication Slave
  56. Innodb : integration with ibbackup? raw innodb ?
  57. Problem with ZRM for mysql v1.1.4
  58. Invalid db.table name 'my_db.my_db`.`first_table'
  59. ssh-copy plugin and public key authentication
  60. Mixed innodb/myisam tables and replication
  61. please teach how to use
  62. ZRM for MySQL 1.1.5 released
  63. Help needed to do a remote restore
  64. tmpdir configuration option in mysql-zrm.conf
  65. ZRM for MySQL CE1.5 ssh-copy.pl ignored....
  66. Backup and recovery benchmarks with ZRM for MySQL
  67. Too many open file descriptors problem
  68. incremental remote logical backups
  69. Backup Set config question
  70. Incremental Backups
  71. Logical backup on the remote machine
  72. logical backup feature
  73. mysqldump options
  74. For Windows xp
  75. Backup Permissions
  76. New ideas for backup of MySQL with ZRM
  77. 2 questions: Single DB restore possible & Possible to restore to different DB name?
  78. How do I configure zrm to perform a mixture of full and incremental backups?
  79. Coping with mixed InnoDB and MyISAM tables
  80. Deleting binlogs with ZRM
  81. complete point in time recovery.
  82. using ZRM on slave database
  83. Backup with encryption
  84. Incremental backup using snapshot
  85. incremental backup
  86. Provide feedback on MySQL backup console
  87. ZRM - MySQL for Free BSD.
  88. pre-scheduler-plugin parameter
  89. Delete Backup Files
  90. ZRM for MySQL Version 1.2 released
  91. backup to NFS partition without root
  92. ZRM can't handle underscores
  93. pre-backup and post-backup: cmd?
  94. mysql hot copy necessary? failing
  95. Backup of Replication Database: relay-log.info ERROR
  96. zrm-pre-scheduler still fills up crontab
  97. lvm snapshot snapshot name incorrect
  98. not using double space
  99. ZRM, 5.1, and Partitions
  100. From version 1.1.5-1 to 1.2
  101. Backup large database
  102. Management Console for MySQL backups
  103. Source package for mysql-zrm_1.2_all.deb?
  104. planning backup of MySQL
  105. how to restore database in temporary directory
  106. how to properly backup as incremental?
  107. Wrong time display
  108. Restore of a remote server
  109. zrm backup on replication slave
  110. Incremental backups when hosting many databases
  111. Debian Etch w/ MySQL Binary install
  112. Simulating differential backups
  113. online-backups non-disruptive??
  114. Regarding backup of updated records
  115. ZRM for MySQL 1.2.1 released
  116. On-line Purchase cart cannot purchase Basic edition ZRM for MySQL
  117. Anyone worked on remote mysql server incremental backup by using Zrm package
  118. Can't find the answer: Does Zmanda need a DB-Lock for Backup?
  119. Problems with 1.2.1 on Centos-5
  120. Did ZRM for MySQL support Fedora 7?
  121. default-character-set in ZRM
  122. Send Emails only on Error / Warning?
  123. Do you use MySQL on Windows?
  124. Conflicts with Perl upgrade on RHEL 4.4
  125. Index file locking weirdness
  126. MySQL backup method options
  127. Restoring a slave using a replication backup
  128. Backup databases on a per file basis
  129. MySQL Replication Server Failing to Backup
  130. remote mysql backup socket copy
  131. Incremental backup fail
  132. Backup aborts - error message vague.
  133. ZRM and XFS, does it really freeze?
  134. Backup of large database
  135. ZRM on gentoo
  136. mysql-zrm mailto information
  137. Long Term Backups.
  138. 15 minute incremental?
  139. Restoration with full + incrementals
  140. Truncated Restore Information
  141. mysqldump options
  142. Raw vs. Logical Backup
  143. Zmanda froze FC4
  144. Hot copy without system downtime
  145. Schedule a Restore?
  146. getting wrong datadir
  147. Multiple Purges Not Taking Place?
  148. Community vs Enterprise
  149. disable --extended-insert on backup?
  150. OSX Client errors
  151. raw + mysql reset master
  152. Duplicate Backups
  153. ssh copy plugin
  154. running on freebsd - tar error?
  155. one file per database
  156. Can't execute the given command because you have active locked tables or an active tr
  157. remote backup restore failed due to could not delete
  158. "mysqlhotcopy" out of memory during remote backup
  159. Can't locate object method "new" via package
  160. Backup done but with errors
  161. Incremental Restores
  162. Have zmanda split files >5gb automatically
  163. error on incremental restore
  164. Full Master Backup for installing slaves?
  165. backup of windows mysql instance failing from debian machine
  166. mysqldump: Couldn't execute 'START TRANSACTION /*!40100 WITH CONSISTENT SNAPSHOT */'
  167. Problem with mysqlhotcopy to NAS
  168. windows copy plugin
  169. Error: Data not available in database.
  170. MySQL server shutdown after backup
  171. Configuring centralized backup server
  172. Cpanel Integration
  173. backup-mode=raw failed
  174. Zipping databases seperately with LVM snapshot?
  175. Remote Backup
  176. automatic restore last backup
  177. Reg automatic database backup over different Network
  178. mysqlhotcopy did not succeed
  179. ERROR: copy-plugin exited with error 28416
  180. Overall Backup Process
  181. copy-plugin exited with error 512
  182. Problems with removeUncompressedBackup()
  183. Can not view today's logs from ZMC
  184. Failed Full Backup Leaves Hole in Backup
  185. newbe question about amazon s3
  186. compression weirdness
  187. Error locking index file
  188. Permission problem
  189. incremental backup fails while copying the bin-log
  190. Comparison between ZRM for MySQL Editions
  191. Please help, I'm missing something
  192. Encryption Error: ".passphrase missing"
  193. Installing ZRM into non-default location
  194. Possible MySQL-ZRM bug??!
  195. May I use zrm for mysql to manage mysql for win?
  196. How to enable SSL-enabled backups?
  197. ZRM Review in this month's Linux Journal
  198. What is ZRM scheduling plug-in?
  199. ZRM user not allowed to connect to MySQL server
  200. How to reset binary logs after backup?
  201. Binary Logs not working?
  202. Purging seemingly not working
  203. mysqldump and NFS keeps failing
  204. SSL "enabled" but not "working"..
  205. Problems with Perl DBD/DBI/XML-Parser installation
  206. problem with restore
  207. ZRM 3.0 community?
  208. Multiplexing
  209. Incremental backup succeeded, restore fails.
  210. Incremental backup always emails despite configuring otherwise
  211. RSS feed contains two items, not one, for each incremental backup
  212. LVM snapshot failure
  213. LVM snapshot restore failure ("Table is full")
  214. Performance Benchmarks for ZRM
  215. ZRM backup fails
  216. Time to backup large Database
  217. RAW Backup fails with innodb --file-per-table
  218. quick mysql backup tutorial inaccuracy.
  219. Understanding a restore
  220. Too much notification from backups
  221. Configuring Incremental Backup
  222. Ignore Tables?
  223. Master-master replication; hot backup from master?
  224. MySQL cluster backup through internet
  225. Port through which ZRM restore cluster backup
  226. Is it possible to take backup of MySQL Cluster replicated to MySQL server(Innodb)
  227. LVM Snapshots of remote MySQL server
  228. Recovery of a live server when backing up in a replication slave
  229. Difference between zrm and zrm-client
  230. Broken Pipe error during install
  231. Backing up views
  232. mysqlhotcopy Can't find file, only when doing all-databases
  233. Retention policy with incrementals question
  234. ZRM Fails? Lopck
  235. Incrementals Not Working
  236. where to start...
  237. Regarding compression in ZRM for remote backup
  238. Where does compression takes place
  239. Regarding storing the backup files
  240. Regarding Email Notification
  241. ZRM Failed-Cant use locks with log files?
  242. mysqldump hanging only when started by mysql-zrm
  243. Where are scripts running mysqlhotcopy?
  244. Retsoring to a remote server problems
  245. Restore failed
  246. Remote Backup Failed
  247. How does ZRM works?
  248. Check data corruption after mysql upgrade
  249. ZRM with Solaris 10
  250. manual backup