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  1. error message on mysql-zrm-reporter
  2. Install ZRM for MySQL as non-root
  3. Issue with LVM snapshot based backups
  4. ERROR: Could not find storage engine for tables in database
  5. ZRM Defaults to Logical Backup?
  6. MySql Command options in ZRM
  7. Is ZRM a real time backup? if it is ,how to do that?
  8. Quotes printed in error messages in ZRM 3.0
  9. Backups failing
  10. ZRM enterprise 3.0
  11. mysql-zrm-client
  12. mail problem etch debian 2.6.18-6-amd64
  13. range of hour scheduler
  14. Zrm for InnoDb tables, problems with restoring
  15. mysqlhotcopy can't open file './mysql/user.frm' (errno: 24)
  16. Looking for an installation guide on Ubuntu 8.04
  17. How to change the subject of the MySQL-zrm email
  18. Zmanda backup fails after MySQL ENT upgrade from 5.0 to 5.1 - RHEL 5.4
  19. ZRM using ssh fails on test run
  20. ZRM enterprise vs. community edition
  21. ZRM for mysql purge, warning last backup directory is not valid
  22. Backup fails without explanation
  23. ZRM 2.2 Beta release is available
  24. Logical/Raw Question
  25. ZRM 2.2 released
  26. --exclude-pattern
  27. copy-plugin exited with error 512
  28. ZRM on Solaris 10 fails backup verification, no md5sum
  29. There were errors during this backup run
  30. restoring SQL data to alternate location or dump file or text file
  31. zrm fails raw backups
  32. ZRM + MySQL Slave
  33. raw backup fails with dashes in database name
  34. Snapshot backup error with LVM2
  35. ZRM Client and Raw logging?
  36. Database is empty and hence will not be backedup?
  37. Post backup script arguments wrong
  38. backup binlogs between last incremental and next full backup
  39. Output of command mysqlhotcopy is Host key verification failed
  40. Clustered snapshots
  41. Database gets locked only for the time taken
  42. Retention Policy Question
  43. error in zmanda installation
  44. Mysql-zrm man pages
  45. SQL syntax error on restore
  46. Real post-backup Example
  47. mysql-zrm-scheduler ran with "DateTime::Locale version 0.4 required..." error
  48. Incremental backup, parse-binlogs shows an error in binlogs
  49. Snapshot error
  50. mysql-zrm-scheduler vrs just crontab entries
  51. ZRM & MySQL configuration file
  52. LV location
  53. stuck up in flush-logs
  54. No amanda.conf file and /etc/amanda directory is empty
  55. To rename backup database upon restore
  56. amcheck failing with EOF error
  57. backup fails through cron
  58. dailyrun:backup:ERROR: mysqldump did not succeed.
  59. How to install ZRM for MySQL Cluster ? (urgent)
  60. ZRM- HTML Reports not being generated
  61. MySQL-ZRM + Amanda HowTo ?
  62. GRANT statement in documentation not working
  63. Unable to not set a copy-plugin for Windows MySQL backups
  64. [ZRM for MySQL Report] ERROR during backup of backup-set dailyrun
  65. Problem with cron
  66. newbie question: crontab error under "when"
  67. auto restore or invoke restore in post backup script examples?
  68. No raw backups on InnoDB files
  69. Remote backup aborts
  70. ZRM Raw Backup
  71. Receiving a backup via e-mail
  72. amanda and zamanda combined backups?
  73. snapshot fails
  74. Destination backup on remote server
  75. Cannot Resolve Dependencies For ZRM?
  76. mysql-zrm reporting tools are innacurate
  77. restore claims success when no success is evident
  78. Simple tests... and restore failure.
  79. Restore from the row backup.
  80. ZRM for MySQL 1.0.3 released
  81. cron dupes...or are they?
  82. Downgrade Enterprise License?
  83. unable to copy master.info,relay-log.info files using zrm backup
  84. cluster backup
  85. Incremental can't find bin-files
  86. zrm mysqldump ERROR after upgrade from mysql 5.1->5.5 ?
  87. to use, or not, *multiple* backup sets?
  88. Failure test recovery with ZRM 2.2
  89. .ssh creates strange database
  90. zrm html reporting
  91. Backup done but with errors
  92. zrm remote backup issues with replication info
  93. Cleanup of of old backups not happening...
  94. mysql-zrm-scheduler fails with ERROR MESSAGE sh: mysqladmin: command not found
  95. mysql-zrm-scheduler fails with any login unless root
  96. Passphrase
  97. ZRM Community 2.2 + xtrabackup
  98. exclude-pattern parameter
  99. Incremental backups on cluster
  100. ihb-plugin and remote backup
  101. Include triggers into backup?
  102. zrm exclude pattern doesn't seem to work.
  103. Backup of remote servers with local storage.
  104. consumable reports
  105. Backup to separate *.sql files
  106. mysql-zrm quit using RAW backup but using mysqldump logical backup
  107. amcheck-device terminate with signal 11 v2
  108. MySQL restoration failed "Failed to restore innodb data file '/var/lib/mysql/ibdata1'
  109. mysql-zrm-reporter not showing all backup sets
  110. Incremental restore fails
  111. how to set from header in mail notifications ?
  112. mysql-zrm incremental asks for password?
  113. Cannot Open Configuration File - Permission denied.
  114. cron output for zrm-pre-scheduler --action edit?
  115. Stopping a zrm backup job
  116. upgrading backup host to mysql 5.1.66 caused backups to fail - info and workaround
  117. Error after backup
  118. How to exclude certain tables from a backup?
  119. mysql zrm incremental backup failed with mysql error unknown command '\0'
  120. Remote XtraBackup configuration
  121. Bug in ZRM deb file
  122. Purge & retention policy problem
  123. mysqldumb failure
  124. Does anyone know why MYSQLDUMP would only perform a partial backup of a database !
  125. Zmanda backup warning message " Ignoring Tar warnings found on STDERR "
  126. Separate log files for each backup-set?
  127. Restore the backup to a sql file
  128. Sudden failed snapshots
  129. Change the source email addess of backup notification
  130. ZRM for MySQL integration with Amanda
  131. Are incremental backups reliable?
  132. Centos 7 & ZRM 3.7
  133. Centos 7 & ZRM 3.7 For helping
  134. Thread: Restore the backup to a sql file
  135. Re: installation mysql
  136. How to create SQL on Xammp
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