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  1. Restoring Windows client data on Linux
  2. Using ionice to reduce disk I/O impact
  3. amidxtaped: restore read error: Input/output error
  4. Reset size estimate of "estimate server"
  5. amanda client install on Ubuntu Karmic
  6. amanda general scheduling question
  7. amanda client problem
  8. Supported Tape Library's
  9. How to stop a running backup?
  10. Backup to vtapes with two disks
  11. separate filesystems are ignored (new disk ignored)
  12. not enough free space, what delete?
  13. disk to disk to tape and offsite thoughts...
  14. Newbie question: large backups, multiple tape sets
  15. Fedora 12 and IPv6 in zmanda client
  16. Adding new client to an existing solution - amchek ok, dump fails
  17. Error from amrecover and amrestore
  18. chg-zd-mtx script issues
  19. Question about Amanda backup strategy
  20. amcheck halts on wrong label
  21. Amrecover problem - tar: This does not look like a tar archive
  22. Getting EOF errors
  23. tape won't rewind
  24. amstatus
  25. Questions on amcheck
  26. Problems on auth
  27. WARNING: got empty schedule from planner
  28. amcheck faills with no driver for security type 'bsdtcp'
  29. syncpipe reader halting: Write error - Broken pipe
  30. Can Amanda handle several terabytes and millions of files?
  31. amrecover: cannot connect to amandahost: No such file or directory
  32. Amanda Backup error
  33. All inetd backup clients fail with "Socket operation on non-socket"
  34. Disaster Recovery - Blank Tapes?
  35. cannot run amrecover "Socket operation on non-socket"
  36. amrecover doesn't do anything
  37. libkrb5.a missing
  38. amdump creates no backup
  39. Some questions before using Amanda 2.5.1
  40. debian server and Freebsd client don't like each other
  41. ERROR host : port 44111 not secure
  42. I can't make a backup, but I don't know why...
  43. amrecover request failed: EOF on read from server
  44. amanda stuck
  45. amindexd eating up all of cup when restore
  46. ERROR taper no-tape [No writable valid tape found]
  47. ip address change
  48. How to backup in 2 Tapes.
  49. Creation of /.amandahosts file during installation of amanda-2.5.2p1 server backup
  50. amcheck test
  51. index tee cannot write [Broken pipe]
  52. ip address change
  53. exclude dev, mnt, proc from / ?