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  1. No index records for disk
  2. Amanda server-client on the same system
  3. problem with client 2.5.1p3-2.fc7
  4. Amanda, occasional Broken Pipe error during backup, tar process left running
  5. write error to bad file descriptor
  6. Having config problems...
  7. Release of memory
  8. Limiting bandwidth
  9. amanda over ssh, selfcheck request failed: EOF on read
  10. Upgrade from amanda ver 2.4.4p3-1 to ver 2.5.2p1-1.rhel4 on RHEL4
  11. Disklist question
  12. amdump doing nothing
  13. I have a doubt in a configuration
  14. amdump not dumping (and thus not taping)
  15. Several question and problems
  16. amcheck not recognizing NFS partitions?
  17. Latest version of Amanda available for Fedora 7
  18. Old files left over in tape slots
  19. Help: configure incremental backup in amanda
  20. Can I see Amanda's backup estimates?
  21. force full backup
  22. GNUTAR Parameters
  23. How to find out if the backup was Incremental/full backup
  24. Gtar wrapper
  25. Socket operation on non-socket with amanda community version 2.5.2p1-1.rhel4
  26. recreating Index of Tapes
  27. vtape backup strategy
  28. What is backup level? or dump level?
  29. building for Itanium using the src.rpm on SuSE 10
  30. Install and Configure on Dell Powervault 114T with LTO Ultrium 2
  31. Backing up large filesystem: amanda does not fill tape
  32. Error while installing Amanda client
  33. NAK error with amrecover
  34. Index information
  35. Which version?
  36. Amanda packages for Debian/Ubuntu distributions
  37. Anyone using this with Qualstar TLS?
  38. runtapes, tapecycle, and planner level 0 promotions
  39. Can Amanda use Blu-Ray discs for media?
  40. 2.5.2 amandad can't parse "reserved-udp-port"
  41. Question about vtapes and disk based backup's
  42. HP SureStore-E 4/40 Tape Library
  43. amlabel while amdump?
  44. Tape Capacity/End-Of-Tape Issue
  45. Trouble labeling tapes.
  46. Amanda configuration for Red Hat Ent. 5 and 4 - Help!
  47. planner missing estinate.
  48. Insert tape into slot 1 and press return
  49. How to configure disk drive backup
  50. 2.5.1p3 Client installation Red Hat ES 4 & 5
  51. Bacula vs Amanda?
  52. Why full and incremental backup same amount data
  53. Permission problems
  54. Amandad udp port assignment
  55. Generating Checksums
  56. tape_splitsize different than configured
  57. Debian Etch Client Setup
  58. Problems using span function
  59. Amanda Server Error
  60. how to change tape when amdump is run from cron
  61. Tape problem: Slot4: not an amanda tape
  62. new installation error on amcheck tcpm_recv_token: invalid size
  63. Socket operation on non-socket
  64. Ubuntu amanda-backup-server_2.5.2p1_all.deb install
  65. exclude append configuration problem
  66. De-Duplication Support?
  67. anybody had the experience with Sun C2 tape library by using amanda backup?
  68. Installation failure RHEL5
  69. amrecover fails to
  70. taper: mmap failed (Cannot allocate memory)
  71. Force incrementals
  72. Amcheck fails for client
  73. amandahosts and disklist, selfcheck request failed. timeout waiting for ACK
  74. a puzzle on doing amlabel DailySet1 DailySet1-0$i slot $i
  75. amanda backup errors
  76. Speed discrepancy: amrestore vs. dd
  77. Permission Denied
  78. Coordinating Daily and Weekly Backups
  79. Errors and/or warnings Debian install amanda-backup-client_2.5.2p1_all.deb
  80. Errors uninstalling amanda-backup-client_2.5.2p1_all.deb
  81. amrecover problem - I did test it, honest.
  82. amanda-server (on Debian etch) + amanda-client (on Centos 5) problems and fix
  83. Two configurations: full and incronly
  84. Using the mailto function
  85. dumper connection problem.
  86. Amanda Webinar: New Perl Interface
  87. Problems with chg-multi
  88. Backup Error: A TAPE ERROR OCCURRED.
  89. Solaris 10 service crashes when backup server starts to communicate ...
  90. Truncating vtapes?
  91. Amanda 2.6.0 beta release is available
  92. amlabel complains of bad file descriptor
  93. amanda-client.conf ignored
  94. unable to label tapes
  95. HELP: incremental backup using samba
  96. How do I amrecover from a specific tape?
  97. Can't determine disk and mount point from $CWD '/'
  98. Problem connecting windows share via samba using amanda amcheck
  99. Trying to do a clean reinstall
  100. MacOS Client?
  101. Telling amanda about full dumps
  102. Backing up windows client directories / folders with spaces
  103. Interested in shared/virutal hosting setup
  104. Possibly hitting a DLE-related limit with Amanda 2.5.1p1-2.2 (Debian i386)
  105. Email Report formatting
  106. IBM TS3100 tape drive amanda install issue
  107. Decentralized installation...
  108. connect_tries on estimates
  109. Is server also a client?
  110. Does Amanda exclude dev, mnt, proc from / ?
  111. Problems building SRPMs on CentOS, x86_64
  112. Amanda wiping indexes on subset of hosts
  113. Problem with security when running amcheck
  114. Backup-Where Error
  115. vtape on harddisk. 3 questions.
  116. PXE boot / Wake On Lan ?
  117. Amanda is focused on tapes only
  118. Disk to disk to tape plan
  119. Why more than one vtape?
  120. vtapes to real tapes
  121. Special (national) characters in filenames - recovery problem
  122. Need help implementing Backup solution
  123. Trouble with Amazon Storage Config
  124. disk-to-disk-to-tape solution
  125. mounting folders to backup or using clients?
  126. problem with amrecover and manual changer
  127. Amanda and remote tape drive
  128. purge bin logs after incremental
  129. amanda fails with /bin/tar returned 1
  130. amanda writing to magnetive tape
  131. disklist & amrecover: spaces in the path (ala "program files")
  132. error trying to label tapes
  133. amrecover stalling during extract
  134. Many lev 0 backup during dumpcycle?
  135. Amrecover/Amrestore only recovers the directory tree, no files.
  136. Maximum DLE's per host?
  137. amrecover Can't Rewind vtape
  138. Connection reset by peer
  139. Amanda segfault error 4
  140. Can a tape removed with amrmtape be added back to database?
  141. AMCHECK - selfcheck request failed: timeout waiting for ACK
  142. Amrecover Error
  143. Need help to perform following backup tasks
  144. Server behind firewall, unable to hit zmanda network to vaildate
  145. Backup file Missing
  146. AMRecoer : Not Starting
  147. amtape show does not return rigth info ..
  148. amcheck with path that includes spaces
  149. Amrecover Error
  150. Unable to backup Samba share
  151. need help to advance the amanda email report
  152. Backup through Firewall
  153. Can't even Telnet to 10080
  154. Amanda Backup Speed Slow
  155. Planner won't return a good schedule
  156. No writable valid tape found
  157. Amanda uses two tapes, also if it only needs one
  158. amrecover not working.
  159. Configuration Issue
  160. new debian client won't dump
  161. Vtape testing Error
  162. Amanda server and client on one system
  163. Is it possable to encrypt data to tape?
  164. amrecover error
  165. Compile Amanda for Arm/Busybox Western Digital Mybook - stuck
  166. amrecover push to client
  167. A TAPE ERROR OCCURRED: [[writing file: Input/output error]].
  168. Amrecover Windows Client
  169. Label mismatch
  170. Newbie tryin to configure -- help please
  171. Dell Powervault LTO4-120, Centos 5.2 and Amanda 2.5.0p2-4
  172. udev and bare metal recovery
  173. TCP Port Ranges
  174. tape problems: (invalid argument)
  175. XFS support?
  176. IPv6 in zmanda client
  177. CentOS not supported by RPMs
  178. Amrecover is not starting
  179. amrecover won't connect to the "tapes"
  180. amrecover complains about amindexd
  181. AMANDA_DEBUG_DAYS debug logfiles auto remove?
  182. FAILED (planner), all estimate timed out - help?
  183. amrecover connection refused Debian 4
  184. backup level 0 won't show all directories in amrecover
  185. AMSTATUS: insecure dependency in printf
  186. AMRECOVER: can't talk to tape server
  187. Problem with amrecover reading tarball spanning multiple tapes
  188. A Few important questions about Amanda
  189. netusage
  190. Amrecover..Resource temporarily unavailable
  191. Passing SSH options
  192. vtapes and real tape device...
  193. Duplication of disc to multiple tapes
  194. Bad tape? Tape error: out of tape
  195. taper: FATAL syncpipe_get: r: unexpected EOF
  196. amrecover not responding
  197. Using only one tape for daily backups
  198. amanda fails to backup amanda host
  199. Cannot restore files from tar-archive via amrecover or amrestore
  200. How to delete some slots?
  201. ERROR: amcheck error needs 64KB, only has 0KB
  202. Exit code of amtape command?
  203. Amdump failing
  204. Some DLE has a big incremental every day
  205. Prioritize order of backups in disklist?
  206. OpenSuse 11.0 problems with amanda
  207. Index backup strategy
  208. Amanda client not listening
  209. Connection Refused w/ amrecover
  210. Tapes continually eject
  211. How to use Amanda with hard discs
  212. amoverview showing double digits for some days/disks
  213. amdump strongly increases server's load averages
  214. Strange client problem, lots of amandad process and no backup
  215. Problems with .amandahost file
  216. NAK es-l-ezelaya: user amanda from GLOB02.local is not allowed to execute the service
  217. selfcheck request failed: timeout waiting for ACK
  218. Bug or feature Amanda dont like GNUTAR for compression
  219. Solaris 10 Client problem
  220. New installation using Gentoo package - Backup and restore help ?
  221. Unable to restore: chg-disk not found?
  222. Unexpected EOF = out of disk space = permission denied
  223. Restoring windows client zip file to big
  224. Client not working on a machine
  225. amidxtaped: Chunk out of order, will save to disk and append to output.
  226. idea on amanda backup environment
  227. Very Slow Backup
  228. Amandad Socket Creation Windows Storage Server '03..
  229. Changed IPs of Server and Clients backups now fail
  230. choosing the correct tape changer setup for storagetek sl500 with 2 drives
  231. Tape Spanning
  232. Reassure a newbie wrt schedule configuration
  233. Problem during amanda installation.
  234. attaching the same /dev entry on each boot
  235. Another Selfcheck Request Failed
  236. How to configure backup report for microsoft exchange
  237. NAS backup
  238. selfcheck request failed: timeout waiting for ACK
  239. selfcheck request failed: timeout waiting for ACK
  240. Amanda backup a lot of clients and VM's
  241. external hdd as dump disk
  242. amverify errors
  243. Error: not an amanda tape (Permission denied)
  244. Amanda setup advice
  245. Historical backups advice
  246. tar error: "unknown function modifier"
  247. backup not completing
  248. Is it possible to exclude a folder from backup
  249. Wrong
  250. selfcheck request failed: Connection refused