I have a ML6000 jukebox running with amanada 3.3 that is set up to autolabel new tapes. When I put a barcode label on a blank tape and put it in the jukebox, the output of amtape inventory for that tape will usually look like this:

slot 12: unknown barcode BNY801

and when amanada needs a new tape for the backups, it will get selected, labeled and used.

But sometimes, the amtape inventory will read:

slot 11: unknown state barcode BNY802

and that tape will be ignored as long as it is in the jukebox, even though as far as I can tell, the two tapes are identical (both came out of the same box of media and had never been used before). Can someone point me to some information about the difference in these statuses to amanda, or suggest to me what is causing the different outcomes from loading supposedly identical media?