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Thread: Problem about backups to vtape

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    Default Problem about backups to vtape

    Hello all!
    Amanda 2.6.1p2 on Debian 6

    Run amdump for the backupserver and get a 0 return code. Yet the amreport says there were problems and the data is still on the holding disk. I can't get the data to flush to vtape. It complains it's waiting for a new tape yet I just labeled one before the dump and it didn't put any data on the vtape.

    (I was just backing up /etc as a test.)
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    I backup are using DFS shares (with two of the shares being backed up, one per backup server). The problem is that one of the shares a fairly large and so one of the backup server's backup disks gets filled up faster than the other. So, I tried to split one of the shares across the two backup servers by editing the ZWC Configuration Utility to split the folders evenly. However, each time I run the ZWC Configuration Utility (as Admin), it crashes when I try to add a folder. Currently, each Windows servers' ZWC template has drives and not folders.??

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