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Thread: Question about ZMC & AMANDA

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    Default Question about ZMC & AMANDA

    Hello every body.
    I am new to both Amanda and Linux, so bear with me as I ask probably a very basic question, but I am researching AMANDA to possibly eliminate our current backup solution.

    I have been reading the forums and searching for documents off and on for about a week, and have been unable to concisely find the answer to these basic questions, though admittedly it could be my own inexperience that is causing my hardship.

    We are considering using Fedora Core 8, with the AMANDA ENTERPRISE BACKUP. To preface my question, I am not experienced with the command console in Linux, but I am comfortable learning it. So, my question: Is the ZMANDA MANAGEMENT CONSOLE a product that is to take the place completely of the command line, or do you still need to use the command line to modify parts of the AMANDA ENTERPRISE BACKUP server?

    I am finding many articles about the AMANDA ENTERPRISE SERVER and how you have to edit this file or another. However, the ZMANDA MANAGEMENT CONSOLE documentation seems a bit light and unrefined. The documents I am finding about the ZMC seem basic and also seem to assume you are familiar with Amanda already. Is it the case that you should be familiar with the AMANDA open source product before trying to tie the ZMC on top of it?

    Assuming they are separate products and you don't need the ZMC but you can have it if you want it; Do you find the ZMC to be helpful or a hindrance?
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    Thank you for the reply, martineau.

    $ amtape <client> show
    amtape: scanning all 50 slots in tape-changer rack:
    slot 27: time 20140805013003 label <client>-27
    slot 28: time 20140805013003 label <client>-28
    It successfully listed all the slots used.


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