Dear all,
When I switched to amanda-3.3 and amanda-3.3.3, I got problem to use 'amrestore' command. However I have never got problem when I use 'amrestore' for backup file from amanda-2.6.1p. The detailed error message is below.
Try to restore backup file from Amanda-3.3.3
~> amrestore -p /backup/td2/slot19/00010.accbu._etc.0 |tar -xv
Reading from '/backup/td2/slot19/00010.accbu._etc.0'
split dumpfile: date 20130321010002 host accbu disk /etc part 1/UNKNOWN lev 0 comp .gz program /bin/tar
filter stderr:
ERROR: /usr/bin/gzip exited with status 1
tar: This does not look like a tar archive
tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors
To find the difference between backup files from amanda-2.6.1p and amanda-3.3.3, I used 'file' command. The results are shown below.
Use command 'file' for backup from amanda-3.3.3 and from amanda-2.6.1p
Backup file from 3.3.3
~> file /backup/td2/slot19/00010.accbu._etc.0
/backup/td2/slot19/00010.accbu._etc.0: AMANDA
Backup file from 2.6.1p
~> file /backup/td3/slot6/00018.daq._home_iba.0
/backup/td3/slot6/00018.daq._home_iba.0: AMANDA dump file, DATE 20130223030001 daq /home/iba lev 0 comp .gz program /bin/tar\012T

Any suggestion?
Thanks in advance!