I'm having a problem trying to restore from a vault on disk. The original backup was made to tape, then the tape was amvault'd to disk. I'm using Amanda 3.2.1 from the Ubuntu Oneiric repo. I run amrecover as follows:

sudo amrecover 415weekly1 -d file:/media/ubdata/amanda/btd
Amrecover correctly acknowledges the disk device as the extraction source:

Extracting files using tape drive file:/media/ubdata/amanda/btd on host localhost.
The problem is that amrecover keeps asking for the original tape label, and doesn't seem to be aware of the existence of the vaulted backup on disk (a different label than the tape), even though amtape shows the vaulted backup on disk is ready to go:

$> sudo -u backup amtape -o tpchanger=my-disk -o tapetype=disk-file 415weekly1 current
   slot   2: time 20120326215816 label 415weekly1-file-02
I'm not sure if this excerpt from the documentation for amvault is relevant. If it **IS** relevant, I'm not sure if it's true. Or maybe I don't fully understand it:

Note that Amanda restore/recover operations will request tertiary media by label when dumpfiles are not found on secondary media, but there is no provision to automatically fetch such media from a different changer
Anybody have any ideas?