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Thread: no files in backup, only directories

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    Default no files in backup, only directories

    I am performing some restore-tests just to check "if evrything I need is the backup".
    I now see that the backup made does only contain directories and no files.

    As we have 2 datacentres with similar configurations we use 2 amanda-servers with similar configurations. While the same setup is used in a similar situation th ebackup made using auth = ssh does backup files as well.

    We use auth=ssh for this specific server were we use auth=bsdtcp by default.

    from amanda.conf ;

    define dumptype global {
    program "GNUTAR"
    auth "bsdtcp"
    compress fast
    priority high
    index yes
    record yes # Only for production runs
    exclude list "/var/lib/amanda/daily.exclude"

    define dumptype comp-tar {
    comment "Default Used Dumptype"

    define dumptype ssh-comp-tar {
    comment "For dumps using SSH-authentication"
    auth "ssh"
    ssh_keys "/var/lib/amanda/.ssh/id_rsa_amdump"
    client_username "amandabackup"
    amandad_path "/usr/libexec/amanda/amandad"

    server / ssh-comp-tar

    Does anyone have any idea why this occurs ?

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    OK, found an old post which set me on the right track.
    It seems that we don't have enough tapes (diskspace) to store all the full-backups.

    Have seen the message: Last full dump overwritten in 1 run
    but misinterpreted this message. Thought that Amanda would figure out that there was no full dump so would perform a full dump in the next run.

    Because the full dump was overwritten, a lot of files were not shown when I want to restore, all directories were still there.

    So, guess we have to increase our diskspace to make the backup's like we want to.

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